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The Powerful Self download course

Learn to invoke Power Modes of Self to produce rapid changes in the sense of self that have far-reaching effects on behavior, mood, and thought processes.

“Modes of self” are patterns and habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Everyone one has both weak modes that occur under stress and are likely to make things worse. Everyone also has Power Modes that are likely to make things better. The course shows how to recognize weak modes and transition to Power Modes whenever necessary.

The course consists of seven brief Webinars:

  • Introduction
  • Weak Modes vs. Power Modes
  • Failure Messages vs. Correction Messages
  • Change the Impact of the Past
  • Transitions from Weak Modes to Power Modes
  • Answering Anxiety, Obsessions, Resentment
  • Summary


Each section consists of an mp4 video of a PowerPoint presentation narrated by Dr. Stosny. Each has a text component with quizzes and exercises.

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