soar above


Under stress, the human brain reverts to coping mechanisms forged earlier in life.

Some go as far back as toddlerhood:

Blame, denial, avoidance.

When we use toddler coping mechanisms…

We’re bound to make the same mistakes over and over.

We’ll react to jerks like a jerk.

We’ll turn love relationships into cold shoulders, or worse.

Get off the Treadmill

The Soar Above course shows how to develop habits of getting to the most profound part of your brain under stress.

Course Content (11 Webinars 12 .pdf files of exercises and quizzes)

  • Introduction: The Two Brains
  • The Profound Brain
  • Feeling Powerful vs. Being Powerful
  • Core Value
  • Core Value Narratives
  • How to Access the Profound Brain Under Stress
  • Turn Toddler Brain Feelings into Adult Brain Values
  • How to be the Person, Worker, Partner, and Parent You Most Want to Be


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