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Soar Above

Soar Above

By way of a free introduction to Dr. Stosny’s new book, he is offering the first part of his download course, consisting of five Webinars and 4 pages of text review in the form of quizzes. Free download.*

Success in work, love, and life depends on developing habits that activate the powerful prefrontal cortex when we need it most. Unfortunately, under stress, the human brain tends to revert to emotional habits we forged in toddlerhood: blame, denial, avoidance, reacting to a jerk like a jerk, and turning our connections into cold shoulders or worse.

In Soar Above, renowned relationship expert Dr. Steven Stosny offers a ground-breaking formula for building new, pressure-resistant habits. Based on research in psychology, neurobiology, and anthropology, Stosny will show anyone how to switch to the most profound part of the brain automatically when things get tough.

Filled with engaging examples from his lectures and therapeutic work with more than 6,000 clients, he explains how to use two potent laws of emotion interaction – “reciprocity” and “contagion”- to inspire those around you, creating collaboration and community instead of chaos and confusion.

Most importantly, readers will learn how, through practice, they can get off the treadmill of repeating past mistakes to become their best selves at home, at work, and in the world.

Stress is inevitable in life, but this illuminating book gives anyone the practical tools to soar above.

Available in paperback, audio book, e-book, and download course.

Course Download

Under stress, the human brain is prone to invoke emotional habits forged as far back as toddlerhood. These block our more profound mental abilities and allow the small, volatile limbic system to hijack the resources of the large and powerful prefrontal cortex. We become more reactive, impulsive, and dismissive of other perspectives, when we most need strength, flexibility, and a deeper understanding of others. We’re likely to repeat past mistakes and end up feeling misunderstood, overwhelmed, or resentful.
The skills presented in Soar Above offer a way off this treadmill with a formula for building new, pressure-resistant habits that employ sophisticated analysis, foresight, compassion, problem-solving, and the ability to improve, appreciate, connect, and protect.

Course Content

  • Introduction: The Two Brains
  • The Profound Brain
  • The Power to Create Value and Meaning
  • Why We React to a Jerk like a Jerk: Dynamics of Emotion Interaction
  • Feeling Powerful vs. Being Powerful
  • Core Value
  • Core Value Narratives
  • How to Access the Profound Brain Under Stress
  • How to Turn Toddler Brain Feelings into Adult Brain Values
  • Become the Person, Worker, Partner, and Parent You Most Want to Be
  • Radical Self-Value Breeds Radical Value of Others



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