Register now for this exciting online version of the Love without Hurt Boot Camp, with Dr. Steven Stosny. Yes, it’s the same one featured in Oprah Winfrey shows.

The boot camp will help you develop a Healing Identity to support your resilience, strengths, and gifts. It will fortify your desire to heal, grow, and improve your life.

The tone of the boot camp is healing, not accusatory. It’s compassionate, not blaming. Most of all, it’s empowering.

The harmful effects of resentment, anger, or emotional abuse in relationships can last for years. They almost always harm children.

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The Good News

There’s a surefire way to reduce resentment and anger and eliminate the possibility of emotional abuse. Build your core value – your ability to create value and meaning in your life. This makes you feel more confident without the adrenaline rush of anger or resentment. It raises self-compassion and compassion for loved ones. The ultimate measure of a relationship is not whether it is free of resentment, anger, or abuse. Love relationships must be compassionate and kind.

The live sessions with Dr. Stosny will be presented over three Sundays, 1-3 pm Eastern time. When you register for a boot camp, you will be given access to pre-recorded Webinars and exercises to be completed before each live session.


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Testimonials from Participants:

“I’m very happy to say that our relationship has done a 180-degree turn compared to what it used to be since my husband completed the Boot Camp. It’s certainly is still far from perfect, and we still do have fights, but the entire tenor of our marriage has completely changed. Your advice and my husband’s strong desire to not lose me forever changed our lives. Our marriage was in complete ruins and you’ve helped bring us back from the ashes. You made me realize that, one way or another, the walking on eggshells was going to stop — for my baby’s sake and also for my own sake. My own healing process has taken me a while, but I’m getting there. I’m grateful that your book explained the recovery dynamic. I never would have realized how complicated my own recovery would be. I could never thank you enough for how you have saved our lives. You have made a tremendous difference in the life of our baby, too. Please keep doing what you do. You change lives, mine included.”

“My husband and I are so grateful for Dr. Stosny and his program. Both of our lives have dramatically changed for the better. I have also received a tremendous physical healing since the Boot Camp. I have suffered terribly with Fibromyalgia for many years but since I began Dr. Stosny’s program, all of my FM pain and symptoms have gone. My doctors are amazed and so am I. Thank you, Dr. Stosny!”

“Dr. Stosny’s approach to changing the patterns of emotional and verbal abuse works; regardless of the role you have in the relationship. I have hope for the first time in many years. He gave me practical tools to apply to my relationship.”

“I saw the Oprah shows, when Dr. Stosny was a guest. They were discussing the different types of relationship abuse, and the CompassionPower program that Dr. Stosny developed to help abusers learn to change their abusive behavior. After the show, I logged on to this website. After doing more reading I came to the realization that Verbal and Emotional abuse towards me, by my spouse, was the reason for the problems in our marriage. I have since then visited this website for information many times. My spouse has finally given up the denial, and is ready to accept help with changing his behavior. It would be an answer to my prayers if a CompassionPower program is available in our area for him to attend. Your appearance on The Oprah Show, and the existence of your website, have been almost like life savers to me!”

“I am so grateful to Dr. Stosny. You were able to reach my husband in a way no one ever has before, and he said so. And I am working on my approaches from new ways that you taught.”

“Dr. Stosny has a brilliant program. He is a dynamic and fascinating lecturer, with a strong knowledge base in psychology, neuropsychology, anthropology, and animal behavior. His program for abusers is the work of a genius…and it is proving to be the most successful program for the abusers out there.”

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Additional Information: Email is best for the fastest response – CompassionPower.

If you wish to speak to someone on the phone, enclose your phone number in your email.

Note: The boot camp is not for domestic violence, which needs ongoing monitoring. Only those who have not been violent for at least one year and who vow never to be violent again may attend. Otherwise, a local domestic violence program is recommended.


Bottom of Form

Terms: Registrations are non-refundable. They can be transferred one time to another boot camp or to any CompassionPower services or products, minus no show fees for those who cancel less than 48 hours before the boot camp, a per-seat charge we pay to the hotel.