Love Beyond Words Course

Steven Stosny, Ph.D.


Love is not about communication…

It’s about connection.

When partners are connected, they communicate just fine about their relationship and everything else.

When they’re disconnected, talking about the relationship hardly ever connects them.


This course consists of 10 Webinars and three exercise texts. It shows how to overcome the reasons why talking when not connected makes things worse…

And how to connect and make relationship talk easier and more beneficial.

It shows to overcome the biggest threat to love relationships: The Fear-Shame Dynamic


Course Content

The Effects of Estrogen & Testosterone on Love

The Fear-Shame Dynamic

Opposite Vulnerabilities Impair Relationship Talk

The Fear-Shame Antidote

How to Communicate in Your Core Value


The Attitude of Connection

Loving Partners with Opposite Vulnerabilities

Fear, Shame, Sex

The Power Love Formula

Exercise Texts