Streaming Workshop

July 5, 1-2, EDT 


Living & Loving after Betrayal


The Promise


The implicit promise in the formation of emotional bonds:


Your partner will care about your well-being


Never hurt you intentionally.


Overcome the effects of:



Financial manipulation

Chronic anger



You’ll regain trust in yourself

To heal, grow, and love again.


After registration, you’ll be returned to a download course of recorded Webinars and texts.

Dr. Stosny will review the exercises and answer questions.


1 Introduction

2 Use Pain for Growth 

3 Develop a Healing Identity 

4 Your Core Value Bank

5 Heal Painful Memories 

6 Freedom from Resentment 

7 Use Doubt Therapeutically 

8 Time Dimensions of Repair 

9 Wise Trust

10 Know What you Want

11 Compassionate Repair 


Living and Loving after Betrayal Course 1

The session is recorded if you cannot make it live. 


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