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Core Value Conditioning for Anger


Core Value for Anger

Go beyond anger management, get rid of anger automatically to act in you long-term best interests.

By the time we’re adults, emotions occur almost exclusively by conditioned response. We feel more or less the same way whenever certain things happen in certain physiological and mental states. Conditioned responses make you do something automatically, without thinking about it, like reaching in your pocket for the ringing phone. Once formed, they can be replaced only by forging new ones. It takes practice of something similar to “emotion pushups” to build new emotional habits.

Repeating the brief exercises in this program several times a day for about six weeks will move you automatically from a devalued state (anger, resentment) to feeling valuable. When you fell valuable, you want to improve, appreciate, connect, or protect. The app targets physical signs of anger – tension around the eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and chest. Physical changes happen more rapidly than awareness of emotion. This enables the program to forge new emotional associations that are largely unconscious: Before you knowingly feel anger, you’ll try to make the situation better. (Anger and resentment usually make things worse.) Within six weeks, you will have created more value and meaning in your daily life. You’ll likely act more in your long-term best interests. You’ll have an excellent chance of improving all your significant relationships.


  • Audio file: Problem Anger
  • Webinar: Core Value
  • Webinar: Feeling Core Value
  • Webinar: Core Value Bank (no narration)
  • Text: Your Core Value Bank
  • Text: Learn Core Value Reconditioning
  • Webinar: Learn Core Value Reconditioning (no narration)
  • Webinar: Practice Core Value Reconditioning (no narration)


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