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Change Emotional Habits


Just about everyone has habits they would like to change. Some have lasted a lifetime and resisted repeated attempts to alter them. Activated on autopilot, habits are 5,000 times faster than conscious attention. Focused willpower can override them, but as soon we’re distracted, old habits return. Under stress or low physical resources (tired, hungry, thirsty, ill), old habits dominate.

Underlying most undesired behavioral habits are subtler habits of emotion regulation. Most bad behavioral habits are motivated by habits of blame, denial, or avoidance.

This course shows how to undo the harm of bad habits by forming new ones that automatically put you in a mode of improving, rather than blaming, denying, and avoiding.

The course includes four Webinars, each with exercises in .pdf form. 

Course Content

Conditioned Responses 

The Curse of A Christmas Carol (How change really occurs)

Forging New Emotional Habits

The TIP Process – A foolproof method of developing new emotional habits.
Group discussion/questions


Change Emotional Habits 1