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Boot Camp Course


Dr. Steven Stosny has recorded a download course of his popular Love without Hurt Boot Camp, specifically designed for people living outside the U.S. who cannot attend a live boot camp. The multi-part course covers most of the material of the live three-day boot camp and the extensive follow-up material. (See detailed description of the live boot camp.)

  • Part I: Commitments and Healing
  • Part II: Core Value
  • Part III: Emotion Regulation
  • Part IV: Relationship Destroyers and Relationship Skills
  • Part V: Relationship Repair
  • Part VI: The Reconnection Dilemma
  • Part VII: Follow-up Webinars, Homework, Relapse Prevention
  • Part VIII: Jealousy


Please Note: All materials are in English.


Boot Camp Course 1 Boot Camp Course

Note: You will be returned to the course instruction page automatically after purchase.

Bonus: If you decide to attend a live boot camp at a later date, the cost of the course will be applied to the tuition.