Thank you for ordering the Living & Loving after Betrayal course download. The files are large, so we have divided them into three separate downloads.

Note: To play on a device (without a hard drive), download to a computer and transfer it to the device via the cloud, e.g., iCloud or One Drive. You can also download the free iDownload app from the app store. This app allows you to download the program on your device, extract it (uncompress the large files), and play it, without having to download to a computer first.

Note: The files are zipped. Mac operating systems include a feature to right-click (or Ctrl-click) and choose to decompress and expand to see everything in the zipped file. Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems allow you to also right click and “Extract” to unzip, but other PC operating systems will need a separate program like WinZip or Stuffit, both of which offer free versions.