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Private Boot Camps


Now there are four ways to participate in this intensive intervention for chronic resentment, anger, or emotional abuse, which use the same powerful curriculum and follow-up materials as the acclaimed Love without Hurt Boot Camp, focused exclusively on you. 

  • Two-day boot camp
  • One-day with home study
  • Home study with FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom sessions with Dr. Stosny
  • Home study with email check-ins with Dr. Stosny


All formats of the boot camp help you develop a Healing Identity to support your resilience, strengths, and gifts. It expands your capacity to heal, grow, and improve your life.

The tone of the boot camp is healing, not accusatory. It’s compassionate, not blaming. Most of all, it’s empowering.

The harmful effects of resentment, anger, or emotional abuse in relationships can last for years. They almost always harm children.

See: In Relationships, It’s Either Compassion or Resentment

The Good News

There’s a surefire way to reduce resentment and anger and eliminate the possibility of emotional abuse. Build your core value – your ability to create value and meaning in your life. This makes you feel more confident without the adrenalin rush of anger or resentment. It raises self-compassion and compassion for loved ones. The ultimate measure of a relationship is not whether it is free of resentment, anger, or abuse. Love relationships must be compassionate and kind.

Drawing on 25 years of experience treating more than 6,000 clients, Dr. Stosny teaches:


  • How to reclaim your natural sense of competence and confidence
  • How to stop resentment and anger from hurting your children
  • How to be the person and partner you most want to be
  • The hidden role of fear and shame in anger and resentment
  • The latest scientific knowledge of how emotions work.


Two Day Boot Camp

No preparation necessary. Dr. Stosny comes to your hotel room.

Fee $5,500

One Day Boot Camp plus Home Study

  • Purchase the Download course below (the price is deducted from the boot camp fee).
  • Bring the completed .pdf files through BC7a on the day of your boot camp session with Dr. Stosny.
  • Practice the Core Value Recondition technique (downloaded from BC7a) for at least one day before your session with Dr. Stosny

Dr. Stosny comes to your hotel room. 

Fee $3,000, minus $200 purchase price for the download course.


Home Study with FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom Sessions with Dr. Stosny

Before Session One:
Review pre-recorded Webinars 1-7, fill out the text that goes with each Webinar, and make note of any questions for Dr. Stosny. (50 minutes viewing all the Webinar, about 15 minutes to complete the quizzes.)

Session One with Dr. Stosny by FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom
Answer questions and teach a self-regulation technique based on your deeper values, far more effective than anger and ego. (Minimum of two hours, with no time limit for questions.)

Before Session Two:
Review Webinars 8-16. Fill out all the exercises, practice “Core Value Regulation for Anger and Resentment.” (3 hours, 40 minutes to view all the Webinars, another 20 minutes to complete the exercises)

Session Two with Dr. Stosny by FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom 
He will go over your exercises and answer questions. (usually two hours, but no time limit for questions.)

Before follow-up session:
Review Webinars 17-20 and do exercises, practice “Core Value Regulation for Anger and Resentment.” (2 ½ hours to view the Webinars, 15 minutes for the quizzes and exercises.)

Follow up session with Dr. Stosny by FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom 
He will answer any questions and assess your progress. (No time limit.)

Fee for the live sessions with Dr. Stosny: $300 per hour.


Home Study, Email Check-ins with Dr. Stosny

Purchase the Download course below. Fill out the text sections and email them to CompassionPower, along with any questions. Dr. Stosny will read and respond to your submissions. 

Fee for the email sessions with Dr. Stosny: $300 per hour.

Download Course 

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