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Explore a vital alternative to suffering: using the unavoidable pain of life to grow greater, to become the most empowered and humane persons we can be.

You may have heard the saying, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option.” Suffering occurs when we fail to act (or are unable to act) on the natural motivation of pain to do something that will heal the injury, correct the cause of the distress, and improve overall health and well being. The alternative to pain for those who do not act to heal, correct, and improve is to avoid (e.g., with anger, resentment, alcohol, compulsive behavior, overwork) – a strategy that almost always causes more pain in the long run.


  • Transcending guilt, shame, anxiety, and depression
  • Choosing value over temporary power
  • Acting on your deepest values
  • Balancing the Grand Human Contradiction
  • Feeding the spirit

The program includes 6 pages of exercises, along with the recorded Webinar.