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The Duet of Love


“Harmony” is an appealing combination of elements in a whole. In music, it’s an arrangement of sounds pleasing to the ear. Relationship harmony is more about emotional tone and atmosphere than specific behaviors. It’s about both partners thriving and growing into the best musicians they can be.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. The very love that brings us together in beautiful harmony can so easily tear us apart in awful cacophony. Relationships are hard because love is easy. The same emotional reactivity that gives birth to love eventually fuels resentment and contempt, if allowed to run on autopilot.This exciting new webinar shows how to build harmony in love relationships. All registrants will receive a link to download a recording of the Webinar.

Bonus Webinar: Building Core Value Narratives

Narratives are stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our relationships. This Webinar explains how we got stuck on false and painful narratives and, more importantly, how to build personal and relationship stories that promise the most wellbeing and give the best chance of a satisfying marriage.