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Soaring Love


Soaring Love 1

New download course from Dr. Steven Stosny

We fall in love in the Toddler brain, the volatile and impulsive limbic system, which reaches maturity by age three. We stay in love in the profoundest and most stable part of the Adult brain − the prefrontal cortex, which reaches full maturity around age 28. Toddler brain love is filled with wonder at first, but inevitably causes irreconcilable conflict and pain. Adult love rises from our deepest, most humane values of compassion, kindness, and desire for mutual growth. The course shows how to deepen your experience of love, while making your relationship safe and secure in the most profound parts of the brain and the heart.

Download the first Webinar free

The download course consists of 10 Webinars narrated by Dr. Steven Stosny, with a text section of questions and exercises accompanying each.

Part I: Toddlers in Love
1. Introduction: The Grand Human Contradiction
2. Love in the Wrong Part of the Brain (How Can I be Me While You’re Being You?)

Part II: Soaring Love
3. How to Turn Toddler Brain Feelings into Adult Motivations
4. How to Balance Autonomy & Connection
5. Toddlers Pout, Adults in Love Improve & Repair
6. How to Become the Adult Partner You Most Want to Be
7. Core Value Narratives
8. Soaring Love is Binocular
9. How to Make Your Love Soar
10. “Teach me how to love you.”


Soaring Love 1 Soaring Love