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Soar Above Course

August 17, 18

The tremendous feedback from the previous two online courses, which included stimulating discussions with participants, has prompted Dr. Stosny to offer another, Soar Above: How to Use the Most Profound Part of Your Brain under Any Kind of Stress.

The sessions will begin at 1 pm EDT and last as long as participants have questions, at least two hours.

Success in work, love, and life depends on the ability to activate the powerful prefrontal cortex when we need it most. Unfortunately, under stress, the human brain tends to revert to emotional habits we forged in toddlerhood: blame, denial, avoidance, reacting to a jerk like a jerk, and turning our connections into cold shoulders or worse.

Learn how to get off the treadmill of repeating past mistakes and become your best self.

Course Content
August 17, 1 pm EDT

Introduction: The Two Brains
The Profound Brain
Feeling Powerful vs. Being Powerful
Reacting to Jerks Like Jerks: Dynamics of Emotion Interaction

Core Value
Core Value Narratives
Quizzes and Exercises

August 18, EDT

How to Access the Profound Brain Under Stress
How to Turn Toddler Brain Feelings into Adult Brain Values
Become the Person, Worker, Partner, and Parent You Most Want to Be

Soar Above Course 1

Note: After registration, you’ll be returned to a sign-in link, which you can use 15 minutes before the course begins. You’ll be sent a reminder a few days before  the course.