CompassionPower is dedicated to developing a powerful and compassionate sense of self. These crucial qualities – personal power and compassion - are ultimately inseparable; you simply cannot have one without the other. They are the necessary first step to building and repairing intimate relationships.


The following is meant to augment the basic self-enhancement and relationship repair work you may have already done, especially for those who have attended our boot camps.  


Fill out the following and, if applicable, ask your partner do to the same.



My Deepest Values


My Partner’s Deepest Values

















What Makes Me Happy

What Makes My Partner Happy

















My Dreams

My Partner’s Dreams

















What Makes Me Sad

What Makes My Partner Sad


















What I Dread the Most

What My Partner Dreads the Most


















Describe your partner’s face when he/she is happy:



Describe your partner’s face when he/she is sad:



Qualities I Want to Model for My Children

Qualities I Do Model for My Children


















If filling out the above did not make you feel more powerful and compassionate, apply your Core Value Bank and try them again.


If you feel it necessary, Dr. Stosny is available for consultation.