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Private Boot Camps

This intensive intervention uses the same powerful curriculum and follow-up materials as the acclaimed Love without Hurt Boot Camp but is focused exclusively on one person or couple. Dr. Stosny conducts the sessions in your hotel room.

Two Day Boot Camp

No preparation necessary.

Fee $5,500

One Day Boot Camp plus Home Study

  • Purchase the Download course below (the price is deducted from the boot camp fee).
  • Bring the completed .pdf files through BC7a on the day of your boot camp session with Dr. Stosny.
  • Practice the Core Value Recondition technique (downloaded from BC7a) for at least one day before your session with Dr. Stosny


Fee $3,000, minus $200 purchase price for the download course.

Home Study with Consultation Option

Purchase the download course. You may consult with Dr. Stosny after each section of the download course by email and/or phone or FaceTime/Skype on how to apply boot camp material to your specific circumstances. The fee for the consultation is $5 per minute. Email is most efficient, as Dr. Stosny is fast in reading and replying.

Course Content

1. Commitments
2. The most important thing about you
3. Feeling Loved vs. Feeling Lovable
4. The Healing Emotion
5. Compassion Failure
6. Anger, Resentment, Hormones
7. Walking on Eggshells
8. Core Value Conditioning for Anger
9. Core Value Narratives
10. Levels of Emotion
11. Relationship Destroyers
12. Residual Emotions
13. Necessary Conditions for Change
14. Trust
15. Reconnection Dilemma
16. Transition from Work to Home
17. Temperament Clashes
18. Love & Negotiation
19. Anxiety
20. Jealousy
21. Follow-up materials


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