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Meaning, Purpose, Happiness


Howtobe Truly Happy

Webinar One

If you’ve read the most popular self-improvement books, you may have noticed that it’s extremely difficult to improve yourself psychologically by focusing on self-improvement. Our brains are simply not wired for self-obsession. The more we think about ourselves, the less in touch with reality we become.

In contrast, self-awareness – considered a virtue since the time of Socrates – necessarily includes awareness of the world in which the self resides. Self-awareness reveals that we can make ourselves enduringly happy only by striving, in some small way, to make world we live in a better place.

The Golden Promise: If you focus continually on making the world just a tiny bit better, you and those you love will be happier, your life will have more meaning and purpose, and you’ll create a legacy that will give you peace in your later years.

The golden promise changes you by turning your focus from purely survival considerations, temporary feelings, and pointless power struggles toward enhancing the value and meaning of your life.

Webinar Two: How to Make the World a Better Place

Learn how to fulfill the promise of lasting connection, happiness, meaning, and purpose: Incorporate into everyday routine the transcendent drive to make the world you live in a little better place.

Both recorded Webinars: $12.95.