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Intimate Relationship Dynamics


Intimate Relationship Dynamics 1 Intimate Relationship Dynamics

Intimate Relationship Dynamics (IRDs) are unconscious interactive patterns in which both parties automatically react to each other in set ways. You have the same argument or unpleasant discussion over and over, creating cycles of resentment, hostility, and despair.

Once an IRD is activated, the content of the exchange, whether serious or trivial, doesn’t matter; both partners slip into their habitual reactions. Instead of working as a team to solve the problem, the partners see each other as the problem. They view each other as opponents at first, and eventually as enemies.

Course content.

  • It Feels as If You’re in a Bad Play
  • The Demand-Withdraw Dynamic
  • The Pursuer-Distancer Dynamic
  • The Fear-Shame Dynamic
  • The Endless Treadmill of IRDs
  • The Nuclear-Powered Engine of IRDs
  • Core Value
  • Binocular Vision
  • The Power Love Formula
  • The Antidote to IRDs
  • Deactivating IRDs
  • Relationship Repair

Each of the above Webinars is accompanied by text quizzes and/or exercises.

Intimate Relationship Dynamics 2 Intimate Relationship Dynamics