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HEALS for Anger Management



The innovative  HEALSTM program automatically converts anger to interest, appreciation, or solution-focus, whichever is required by the circumstance.

Working like an internal thermostat, HEALSTM keeps the temperature inside at optimal levels, regardless of the temperature outside. No one will be able to “push your buttons.”

HEALSTM has been used successfully on every continent to eliminate problems of anger and resentment. It is a key component of programs to prevent all forms of family abuse, alcohol relapse, overeating, and low self-value.

With repetition, HEALSTM builds a conditioned response to increase self-value whenever resentment or anger occurs. (For a detailed explanation of how it works, see Emotion Reconditioning.) The automatic response of enhanced core value under stress requires a “basic training” period of 12 repetitions per day for six weeks.

HEALSTM Program Contents

Brief Webinar videos:

HEALSTM Introduction

Core Value

Feeling Core Value

Core Value Bank

Learning HEALSTM

Practice HEALSTM

In addition, the program includes a:

A text file with exercises and practice logs

Practice audio file

Download $22.95

Note: HEALSTM can be transferred to a phone or tablet, but it is recommended that it be worked on a computer for the focus and concentration that developing habits of emotion regulation requires. Read this if you are in a resentful, angry, or emotionally abusive relationship