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Core Value Reconditioning for Anxiety



Dr. Stosny will present an interactive course on anxiety and how to regulate it on two Saturdays, July 13-20, 2019, at 1pm EDT.

The format on each Saturday will include PowerPoint presentations, each followed by a discussion with participants. The presentations will be recorded for later review. For privacy sake, the discussions with participants will not be recorded. Discussions of the last online course were stimulating.

Anxiety is a dread that something bad will happen and that you will not be able to cope with it. Most of the time anxiety functions as a better safe-than-sorry alarm system; it overestimates the likelihood of bad things happening and underestimates your ability to cope with them. This means that by the time you’re an adult your anxiety has produced a lot of false alarms – most of the bad things you thought would happen didn’t, or if they did, they weren’t that bad, or if they were bad, you handled them better than you thought you would.

Core Value Reconditioning for Anxiety will help you build a conditioned response to regulate anxiety automatically.

The sessions will begin at 1 pm EDT and last as long as the participants have questions, at least two hours.

July 13

Anxiety, the Endless Alarm
Core Value
Your Core Value Bank
Learn Core Value Reconditioning for Anxiety

During the week, Review the exercises, practice the reconditioning technique.

July 20

Practice Core Value Reconditioning for Anxiety
Regulating Anxiety