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Core Value Eating

Research shows clearly that diets do not work and can be harmful. Those who achieve weight loss through diets are almost guaranteed to gain more than they lost within two years. What’s more, the roller coaster ride of weight loss followed by inevitable weight gain has serious physical and mental health ramifications.

The fact is, weight loss through diet is more likely to lead to binge eating, decline in fitness, poor nutrition, exaggerated appetite, and eating disorder. Behavior modification can help, but will not produce results if it is part of a generalized devaluing of the self.

If you believe it is hard to lose weight and keep it off because you lack something, like discipline, will power, or just common sense, your efforts will come from shame of what you are, rather than value of your health and well being.

When the shame gets exhausting, distracting, confusing, or overwhelming, as it always does, human nature makes us revert to the familiar, which requires far less mental energy. That means the old eating habits.

Your problem in reaching and maintaining your desired weight is not due to personal failings. You have plenty of discipline – you have gone through so much trouble time and time again to lose weight. You certainly have will power or you wouldn’t keep trying after each failure.

The problem lies not in you, but in your weight-loss programs, which inadvertently set you up to fail.

No weight control program can succeed by dominating your consciousness with food and weight. This actually increases the unconscious impulse to eat.

A successful program must develop a conditioned response to regulate eating automatically. Otherwise, you will have to do the near impossible: “stop and think about it,” when swept up in a rush to eat.

With Core Value Eating, you stop thinking so much about weight and start looking at yourself and others with more compassion.

Eat anything you want, as long as it’s what you really want, i.e., what will give you the long-term sense of well being you deserve. 

  1. Core Value Eating; Five Myths of Emotional Eating (Introductory text files)
  2. Confronting the Great Myth (brief video without sound)
  3. Using Deeper Values to Control Eating (text file)
  4. Core Value (video)
  5. Core Value Identity (video)
  6. Feeling Core Value (video)
  7. Core Value Bank (video)
  8. Healing Food Attacks (text file)
  9. Practice Core Value Reconditioning for Eating Control (video)
  10. Core Value Eating Daily Logs (text file)
  11. Core Value Eating Mobile Reminder (58 second video for downloaded to a device)

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