Toddlers in Love

Adults in Love

Two Recorded Webinars

Do you occasionally feel like you become a different person around your partner? Does it seem like he or she has to change - or that you'll have to change partners - for you to be your true self? Do you take turns acting like stubborn toddlers and feeling as powerless as one? Well, you're not alone.  

Nearly all love relationships go through a stage of high emotional reactivity that seems to change both parties. One makes a request, driven by any negative feeling, to which the other responds with intense emotion or defensive shut-down. No matter how the request and reply are worded, the negative feeling underlying them makes both partners feel wronged!

They engage in power struggles, temper tantrums, and quiet sulking. The brightest and most sophisticated couples can act just like toddlers – injured, infuriated, punishing, and oblivious to each other’s perspectives. They protect themselves with the toddler defenses of blame, denial, and avoidance. All their arguments can be reduced to the toddler refrain of, “No!” and “Mine!”

As they get more and more defensive, they cannot be the loving and compassionate partners they most want to be. And that is the core of the problem. They are alienated from each other because they’re alienated from the deepest sense of who they are and what they most value.  

The first Webinar describes toddler love and shows how easy it is to get stuck in this destructive pattern in any love relationship. It shows how most of the pain of love is inflicted by the high emotional reactivity of two people who feel equally injured by the other.  

Adults in Love shows couples how to switch out of the toddler brain under stress to access their deepest values.

People invariably feel more autonomous, authentic, and empowered when true to their deepest values - what is most important to and about them. In touch with their true nature, they are more compassionate and protective of loved ones. They balance the drives for autonomy and connection naturally and are free to create solid adult relationships of value, meaning, and integrity.

The Webinar gives lots of exercises to switch out of the toddler brain under stress, so that you can love each other like the authentic, powerful, and compassionate adults you truly are.

Both Webinars $9.95

Add How to Improve Your Relationship without Talking about It Webinars with Drs. Love and Stosny: $24.95