Private Boot Camps

This intensive three-day intervention uses the same powerful curriculum and follow-up materials as the acclaimed Love without Hurt Boot Camp but is focused exclusively on one person or couple. Dr. Stosny conducts the sessions boot camps in your hotel room.

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There are two options for a private boot camp.

Option One:

  • Purchase the Boot Camp Download Course.
  • One day (8 hours) of live boot camp with Dr. Stosny. Here you apply the skills you learned to your personal situations.
  • Total cost: $2,500.00. (The cost of the download course - $299 - will be applied to the private boot camp.)  

Option Two:

Full three days with Dr. Stosny. Total cost, $7,200

Non-refundable deposit to reserve specific dates: $200.

(If you would like to inquire about available dates before making the deposit, contact us)