Power Love Formula:

To Love Big, Think Small

The key to a strong relationship lies in small moments of connection, incorporated into a daily routine. The Power Love Formula, elaborated in How to Improve Your Marriage without Talking about It and in Love without Hurt, is designed for routine connection. It takes less than five minutes a day and will certainly strengthen your marriage.


Here are the 4 ¾ minutes of the Power Love formula:

  • Make some brief acknowledgement of your wife's importance to you at the four major transitional times in the day: waking up, leaving the house, coming home, and going to sleep
  • Hug six times a day, holding each hug for six seconds
  • Entertain at least three positive thoughts about her when you are not with her.
  • Implement your contract once a day: "I hereby agree to express my love for you daily by..." (one of the following):
    • lighting a candle for you
    • posting an “I love you note”
    • putting a flower petal on your breakfast plate
    • sending an “I love you” text message
    • writing one verse of our favorite song
    • other ____________________________


Love, like life, is made up of small moments of connection.

Power Love Calendars